The Summer Tour (Amaryllis Romance: Book 1)

Griffin Miller

(Love at First Sight Sweet Rockstar Romance)

What happens when a stubborn Cinderella meets a lovesick rockstar? Find out in The Summer Tour 

My name is Griffin Miller. I’m the lead singer of Amaryllis—yeah, the platinum selling rock band. Tonight, my career dreams came true. The notorious Tulsa Theater. Check. Awesome Crowd. Check. Voice on point? Not so much, because I was too distracted by the brunette in the front row.Luckily, the crowd didn’t seem to care. Now, I’m sitting here signing my name on branded merch looking for a single face—her face—in the crowd.I have to find her again…

sweet rockstar couple above concert stage with fans
Love at First Sight Sweet Rockstar Romance

The Encore Tour (Amaryllis Romance: Book 2)

Adair Miller

(Second Chance Sweet Rockstar Romance)

Last night was a train wreck. I confessed my love. She called me a pig-headed walking cliche. I have two weeks to change her mind…

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love Carly Thompson; she’s been a part of my life for as far back as I can remember. Before The Machine signed us. Before the fans. Long before the accident that changed who I am—and everything between us.

I woke up this morning not knowing if I’ll see Carly’s face today, and that’s a feeling I hope I never have to experience again. I have two weeks to change her mind about me and somehow erase twelve years of history between us.

I don’t know if I can do it, but I have to try…

edgy couple hugging above concert stage with fans cheering
Second Chance Sweet Rockstar Romance

The Unexpected Duet (Amaryllis Romance: Book 3)

Nash Miller

(Second Chance Sweet Rockstar Romance)

I’m too young for empty nest syndrome, but I’ll be damned if that isn’t exactly how I feel.

When we got the call that our parents were never coming home, I knew what I had to do. Since I am the oldest and was only a few weeks from graduation, emancipating myself to claim guardianship over my three younger brothers wasn’t too difficult. Now, we’re all grown-up, Griffin is married with children. Adair is engaged to the love of his life and Travis is on a mission to find his person.

Then there’s me…

I grew up overnight, spending each day focused on how to be the leader, the confidant, the father figure and everything in between. They’re all moving on and starting their own lives, but I don’t know what’s left for me. It would be nice to connect with someone else. Who else could possibly understand the headspace I’m in? They’d have to be seriously messed up and probably have one hell of a past…

cute rockstar couple hugging above concert stage with fans screaming and blue background
Friends to Lovers Sweet Rockstar Romance

The Backstage Pass (Amaryllis Romance: Book 4)

Travis Miller

(Second Chance Sweet Rockstar Romance)

After everything we’ve been through, it seems like I should be getting somewhere. I’m not. I’m stuck.

It’s been right at two years since the last time Amaryllis saw a live crowd in front of a stage, instead of a swarm of cars in a parking lot or drive-in theater. We were almost ready to jump back into a tour cycle to celebrate, and promote our first album without The Machine when the lockdowns hit—shuttering the whole world for over a year. It took a while, but the music community figured out to connect with our fans and lift everyone’s spirits, even if that was only for sixty or ninety minutes at a time. Those gigs were fun, and they helped us all keep what we had left of our sanity during the pandemic; but… It wasn’t the same.

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the woman who dropped her keys in our parking lot when the paparazzi ambushed me. The way her cheeks blushed when she realized she was still wearing her press badge. Why was she ashamed of her press badge? How the electricity shot through my body when our hands touched… Everything about her has been on my mind since and I have no clue how to find her again.

cute couple over concert stage with fans screaming
Stuck Together / Unexpected Sweet Rockstar Romance

The Solo Tour (Amaryllis Romance: Book 5)

Jude Jericho (Wright)

(Unlikely Romance / Sweet Rockstar Romance)

The sound of the crowd chanting “Jericho” from just the other side of these concrete walls echoes through my brain. Jer-AH-co! Jer-AH-co! There was a time in my life where that sound would have been music to my ears. Not anymore.

attractive couple standing above stage
Unlikely Romance / Sweet Rockstar Romance

The Stadium Tour (Amaryllis Romance: Book 6)

Jett Jericho (Wright)

(Mistaken Identity Sweet Rockstar Romance)

This year has been a whirlwind. New label, new house, new love… Except, she doesn’t know she’s dating a rockstar. How do I tell her the truth?

cute couple kissing above stage.
Mistaken Identity / Sweet Rockstar Romance

The College Tour (Amaryllis Romance: Book 7)

Phoenix Jericho (Rayne Weathers)

(Stuck Together Sweet Rockstar Romance)

Rule #1 of being in a rock band: never fall in love with a fan. Rule #2: re-read rule #1. Guess which rule I just broke.

cute rockstar couple above stage
Friends to Lovers Sweet Rockstar Romance


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The VIP Pass (Amaryllis Romance: Book 8)

Dayton Jericho (Wright)

(Friends to Lovers Sweet Rockstar Romance)

I’ve had a crush on Amy, since the first day we met. Will she ever see me as anything more than just a friend?

cute couple smiling and hugging above stage
Sweet Friends to Lovers Rockstar Romance

The Press Pass (Amaryllis Romance: Book 9)

Max Jericho (Wright)

(Stuck Together Sweet Rockstar Romance)

She stole a press pass to get backstage. I should be furious, but I’m not.

cute couple standing above stage
Sweet Love at First Sight Romance

All Access Pass (Amaryllis Romance: Book 10)

Jax Jericho (Wright)

(Enemies to Lovers Sweet Rockstar Romance)

She pushes me beyond every limit and I can’t get enough of it, or her.

stylish rockstar couple above stage
Enemies to Lovers Sweet Rockstar Romance







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