Mandy Melanson is a 3x USA Today bestselling author of sweet and sassy romance.

Her stories are guaranteed to make you laugh, smile, and ugly happy cry. She is also Supermom to three home-schooled kids, powered by coffee and Dr. Pepper.

From business suits to yoga pants and top-knots…

A question I hear all the time is, “Why romance?” Sometimes it’s readers who ask, but most of the time it’s other authors. Romance is often a discredited genre in the publishing and author communities—even though it’s a billion dollar industry.

To be honest, I didn’t always know I would write books and I certainly didn’t know I would write romance specifically. I just wanted to create worlds people could lose themselves in, the same way I lost myself in the stories of others when I needed an escape from the real world.

I wanted to give someone that same feeling of warmth and acceptance that can only be found on a book’s open pages.

But writing wasn’t a viable career option. That would have just been irresponsible and silly. 

I obtained a degree in English with a minor in Psychology while using my education to spark a career in marketing where I did pretty well, if I do say so myself.

Yes, that was awesome.
Yes, it was great for my ego.
No, it did not feed my soul.

I wanted to create and I realized that while I loved the challenges presented in marketing, using my creative writing skills in marketing alone was not what sparked a fire in my soul, so I left the marketing industry and began writing professionally.

Now, I get to do what I love with people I adore while never leaving the comfort of my home. My office attire went from business suits to yoga pants and top-knots. It doesn’t get better than that.

So what do you write?

Sweet alphas.

Social issues.

Strong, but flawed female characters.

Love always wins.

Why romance?

The media and news outlets are so focused on what goes wrong in the world that sometimes it becomes easy to think the world sucks. I wanted something that offered hope and possibilities.

I wanted happy ever after.

I wanted hope in spite of the darkness surrounding each of us. Duty and obligation be damned. Those characters deserved happiness, and so do each and every one of us.

I wanted other people to have beacons of hope in a sometimes UGH world. I wanted readers to have something to hold onto that says “The world doesn’t suck. Good things can still happen.”

Romance authors are often berated in the writing community, as if our chosen genre is easier or somehow less important to the market than others. I think that’s a bunch of nonsense. Any romance reader automatically knows this is a load of crap. It takes strength to see beauty in negative spaces. It takes determination to offer a light of hope in a dark time. Romance authors lead two (or more) characters through relatable conflicts and still help them find ways to come together. Inspring others to create love and happiness out of thin air… that’s what this world needs more of.

To all other romance authors, I raise my coffee in a toast to our combined strength and determination to bring happiness and unity to our readers.

That’s why I write sweet and sassy romance where the LOLs and HEAs are always guaranteed.

I hope you find something to make you smile when you pick up one of my books.

Stay sassy,


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